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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Water Line Design's Features and Services.

How is WLD compensated?

WLD works with each client individually to determine the scope of the required work and complexity and time involved. All initial consultations are free!! Engineered drawings and plans along with a project outline will then be provided to the owner. Should WLD be selected to provide owner's representaion services, either an hourly rate or flat fee is charged, or WLD will receive a sales commission from each of the various subcontractors selected for the project.

Sometimes, WLD will design the pool then select which pool company best suits the needs of the customer. This works best for those who don’t want to shop around or have the time to find the best pool builder at the best price.

What areas are not covered by WLD?

Everything outside of the house is part of the WLD spectrum. Often, WLD will work with project managers who are responsible for house additions, renovations and remodeling. For those considering owner’s representation for these services, WLD has teamed with McIntosh Management and Consulting Services in order to provide both “inside and outside” complete coverage.

What is the advantage of hiring WLD?

All construction projects need constant supervision and accountability from beginning to the finish work. In order for a project to run smoothly and produce a high quality result, the proper people must be selected and organized to efficiently maximize the budget and use of time. Most property owners do not have the contacts, expertise and time to effectively design, interview, oversee and address the needs of a multi layered construction project. WLD serves as the point man so that the customer has a single point of contact. WLD represents the client as his eyes and ears and provides periodic progress reports to update the customer. This allows the client to focus on more important things or completely vacate the premises secure in knowing that the job will be done properly, with quality, and on time.

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